Does the Water Diet Work? Discover the Truth about Water Diet !

The Water Diet is one of the more controversial diets to date. Some people stand by it, claiming they have experienced massive, otherwise unachievable weight loss, whereas others caution against misuse and claim that the Water Diet is simply just a form of starvation. In this article, we will take a look at what exactly the Water Diet is and whether it is a safe and effective way to lose unwanted pounds.

 What is the Water Diet?
It is commonly misunderstood to mean a diet that consists of drinking nothing but water. This is not an accurate description of the Water Diet. Even a Water Fasting diet, which we’ll talk more about later in this article, encourages juice and fruit to provide the body with much needed vitamins and minerals.

The Water Diet is based on scientific evidence that drinking more water will reduce your appetite, lower overall caloric intake (largely by replacing things like soda, coffee and alcohol with zero-calorie water) and improve your metabolism. A 2003 study by Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center demonstrated that water can greatly increase the effectiveness of your weight loss plan. Water is essential in both flushing toxins out and dehydration can actually impede a lot of your efforts in trying to lose weight.

 What is the Before, After and During Diet?

The Before, After and During diet is probably the most prominent variation of the Water Diet, largely due to the striking success of Blake Sylvia, a man who claimed to have lost 70 pounds by drinking a glass of water before, after and during every meal. While Sylvia’s story is impressive, most healthcare practitioners are skeptical of his results, suggesting that he may have simply replaced high-caloric beverages with water. Still, there is some science to back up his claims. It can be difficult to distinguish between hunger and thirst, so by ensuring your body is properly hydrated you may cut down on your overall food intake.

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 Does the Water Diet work?

Yes and no. Drinking just water will likely result in weight loss, but starvation is not an effective or recommended diet plan. However, increasing your overall intake of water will help the body function more efficiently, reduce your appetite and lower your caloric intake by acting as a substitute for drinks with larger amounts of calories. There have been numerous studies and success stories that suggest increasing your water consumption will greatly aid your diet plan. Water is also great for cleansing diets that are aimed at reducing the amount of toxins in your body. In spite of all of the health benefits of drinking water, you might not lose weight just by increasing your intake of water if that is the only step you take. Dehydration or excessive high-caloric beverage consumption may not be preventing you from shedding those unwanted pounds. Combining the Water Diet with eating smarter and leading an active lifestyle will lead to much better results than just increasing overall water consumption.                   

What is the Water Fasting Diet

The Water Fasting Diet is a diet where you only drink water in order to detoxify your body and, ideally, lose weight. Some Water Fasting Diets recommend a little bit of juice and fruit, but most stick just to water. These diets tend to be difficult and most healthcare practitioners advise against them as they can be dangerous. Proponents of Water Fasting Diets point out that fasting has been used for generations by people, mostly for spiritual reasons, and there is no debate that not eating for a significant period of time will cause anyone to lose weight. The question is whether it is safe and whether the weight loss will actually be permanent, and not just a temporary reaction to the body not receiving any proteins and calories. The Water Fasting diet can be safe enough as long as you monitor your body closely and are quick to pull the plug on the diet should there be negative repercussions. It is not recommended by mainstream healthcare practitioners, who advocate a diet of moderation coupled with exercise. As for the weight loss, there is no real evidence to suggest that the weight stays off after the Water Fast is completed – in fact, you are likely to put on weight immediately after the cessation of this diet.               

Does the Water Diet Help You Lose Weight?

It can definitely help, but not in a magical sense that once you start drinking the right amount of water, the pounds will start melting off. Hydrating your body ensures it works at peak efficiency, which can be helpful. Overall, water has so many health benefits and no real downsides that increasing your water intake should be a no-brainer.

 Is the Water Diet Safe?

 It really depends on what version of the Diet you choose to do, but for the most part, it is all safe, as long as you are diligent and quick to act on any negative side effects you may feel while dieting. Most mainstream healthcare practitioners believe the best way to lose weight is to eat smaller portions more times a day, increase your daily intake of water (ideally replacing high caloric beverages like soda and alcohol) and exercise four to five times a week, for at least 20 minutes. Increased awareness about what exactly you are consuming and in what portion will also be beneficial in trying to lose weight. It seems that while extreme versions of the Water Diet may be spiritually fulfilling, they don’t really lead to the healthy lifestyle and eating habits that a more moderate and less taxing diet would inspire.